SMART P2P for IAMCP Women in Technology (IAMCP WIT)

Delivered by Shann McGrail of Devreve and Diana Kreklow of The Kreklow Group

Building a partner-to-partner business is the fastest path to growth, higher revenue, and outpacing the competition. While the number of women in technology is fewer, they bring powerful skills, a different perspective, and a diverse approach to the opportunities inherent in partnerships. IAMCP WIT is launching SMART P2P for Women in Technology, a webinar and coaching program designed to combine the strengths of this dynamic community with tools, best practices, approaches, and peer connections to deliver results.

This program is best suited for IAMCP WIT community members who are:

  • In Partner Management or Partner Alliance roles
  • Business Development Managers
  • Responsible for Partner Marketing
  • Business owners who want to expand by working with other partners

About the Program

The program begins in March of 2017 and continues through June 2017. It will be delivered through a series of webinars supported by interactive exercises,"office Hours", and peer connection sessions.

Participants are encouraged to attend program sessions live to gain the full benefits of real-time collaboration. Sessions will be recorded if you need to catch-up on any missed ones.

The program offers participating IAMCP WIT members:

  • The opportunity to meet and work with other women building successful partnerships over the next six months
  • Gain alignment with Microsoft Fiscal Year 2018 priorities to be best positioned to take advantage of programs
  • Leadership development for Women in Technology
  • Faster time to developing effective partnerships
  • Potential for accelerated and increased revenue
  • Proven partnership tips, resources, and templates

Webinar #1: Intake

P2P Challenges and Opportunities

P2P Business Case

P2P Strategy for Success

Goal Setting

WIT: Fact & Fiction

Webinar #2: Engage

Building SMART Partnerships

The P2P Assessment

Relationship Planning

Webinar #3: Execute


Resources & Readiness for Microsoft Fiscal Year 2018

Thank you for Participating in the Pilot

The last webinar was delivered on June 1st and the program's final "Office Hours" session is being held June 15th.

Thanks to all who participated! We look forward to getting your feedback on how to improve future program deliveries.

Please feel free to contact us for more information about what SMART P2P can do for you.


Diana Kreklow

Diana Kreklow

Founder, The Kreklow Goup

Shann McGrail

Shann McGrail

Co-Founder, Devreve Inc.

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